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How meditation will change your life? Here is my own journey to meditation

Here is my own journey to meditation. Dear all, Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Meditation is journey to know who you are and to get clarity over everything in life. It is way of living in present , making your life more meaningful and less stressful. Meditation is more than what you can think. It will take you to mental, emotional, social and spritual growth. Meditation simply teaches you about calmness, peacefulness and blissfulness inside you. Before entering in meditation , i used to think it was like giving therapy to a person who is stressed, depressed and addicted to something. It is use for all these things but later on i came to know that it is more than that. I was student studying commerce in management college, during that time i came to know a gu
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Humanity quotes

Humanity quotes.

My experience in getting rid of social media addiction.

Dear all , Most of us are being spending time on Facebook and other for many hours . I know it is not something bad but spending too much time on something that is not productive or that really doesn't add value to your own life sound meaningless. The average person spend almost 58 minutes per day on Facebook,45 minutes on YouTube per day plus if we add 1 hrs to other platform then you will be spending 64800 hrs in your next 65 years of your life which equals to 7 -8 years of your life. Imagine 7 - 8 years of your life sticking somewhere which nither makes you happy at all nor makes your life meaningful. I am not talking about all of those peoples who are self-employed on social media platforms or expanding your business and all. I am talking about normal people's who is just spending their time on Facebook or any other social media platform. If you are learning something then that is great, but if you are just spending time on it then think about it 7 - 8 years of

Humanity quotes /kindness quotes

Be kind,Be human......

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SOCIAL MEDIA QUOTES #truth_about_socialmedia

My social media experience and How to get over social media addiction? Truth about social media.

Truth about social media. How i get over it? Dear all, I m just here to share my experiences. I am just normal student as many of you are. I used to spend lots of hours on social media scrolling the pages and all. My experience when i first time started using social it was addictive, i will be liking all the post on face book, following everything on Instagram, uploading photos, spending time watching random youtube videos. But later on i started feeling like i don't have same kind of joy, happiness and spirit that i used to have like before i use social media. I was not able to concentrate on my studies, i was becoming really a short tempered, everything annoys me, i used to believe all of those social media quotes and all, i used to believe on everything posted on social media sharing all of post with friends, i was feeling like I was becoming something i really wasn't.....there was one thing always playing on my mind that 'this is not me ' . Then one

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